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Zona 3 in 1 Saber Saw Set


• Saber Saw set
• For internal, scroll cutting in wood, plastic, metal, foam
• 3 blades with razor sharp teeth 24 TPI
• High quality steel blade
• Comfortable wood handle

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Zona 3 in 1 Saber Saw Set

This set has 3 removable blades.

The 4-1/2in.(114mm) long blade for large inside cuts or thick material and 2 small keyhole blades, with push and pull style teeth for trimming and shorter cuts.

Saw & Saw Blades

Zona is the world's leading manufacurer of razor saws in the hobby industry and includes specialist saws suitable for a wide variety of applications such as model making, doll houses & minatures, picture frames, wood working & small precision DIY tasks.


Zona Tool Company manufactures a full line of quality Razor Saws for modellers, craftsmen, woodworkers, and “do-it-yourselfers".

Zona's Razor Saws have polished wooden handles, steel backs and sharp blades for making straight, accurate cuts with smooth edges in wood, plastic and metal. Zona's metal or plastic mitre boxes work with different size razor saws for cutting square ends, perfect splices and mitred corners.


Product Code: SA35/450
Product Name: Zona 3 in 1 Saber Saw Set
Brand: Zona

Barcode: 792024354503
Weight: grams
Dimensions: 310mm x 70mm x 20mm

Shipping Weight: 62 grams
Shipping Dimensions: 310mm x 70mm x 20mm

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